GFSI 2024: Another year of food safety at the forefront of innovation

In early April, the Agroknow & FOODAKAI teams were delighted to attend the Annual GFSI Conference in Singapore. The GFSI hosted 30 exhibitors and attracted more than 700 company delegates from 40 countries worldwide that came to reaffirm their strength and continuous collective drive to address food safety industry challenges.

During the 3-day conference top food safety industry leaders, policymakers and technology experts took the stage by storm to discuss innovative approaches that enhance food safety capability effectively driving the industry forward.

Our team attended the conference with a dedicated booth in the Food Safety Pavilion section of the event, where we had the pleasure of meeting food safety professionals around the world. Additionally, Mihalis Papakonstantinou held a Tech Talk, Head of Data Services Team at Agroknow, to discuss how AI and predictive models can harness vast data on chemical risks, weather, and agricultural practices, to forecast threats before sourcing ingredients.

Here’s a few highlights from the 3-day expo:

  • the need of multi sector collaboration to achieve food safety objectives.
  • the potential impact of AI and climate change on food safety, over risks and opportunities.
  • the effects of sustainable food production on food safety with a focus on the importance of research as well as data availability.
  • the need for coexistence of food safety and sustainability in the food industry
  • the vital role of high-quality data was in detecting potential fraud issues and ensuring compliance.
  • the evolution of the use of technology in food safety audit and inspections.

Empowering Food Risk Prevention: Harnessing Data & AI to mitigate the risk of chemical hazards

On the first morning of the conference Mihalis Papakonstantinou took the Tech Talk stage to discuss how food & beverage companies can move from reactive measures to proactive prevention.

As the food industry faces a shifting landscape of risks, with chemical hazards like pesticides, mycotoxins, and heavy metals rising due to changing weather patterns, food & beverage companies have to move from reactive measures to proactive prevention.

In this tech talk Mihalis Papakonstantinou unveiled the power of AI, and predictive models in harnessing vast data on chemical risks, weather, and agricultural practices to forecast threats before sourcing ingredients.

Specifically, he focused on a use case for Mycotoxins by showing how predictive analytics can be integrated into existing food safety systems to optimize prevention.

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The images for these article were taken from the GFSI Conference official website.