Food integrity 2023 Highlights

Agroknow team attended Food Integrity Global 2023, a premier event filled with inspiring insights, innovations, and valuable connections. Our participation in this two-day event was driven by several key objectives crucial to advancing Stelar project’s goals, and it included having a booth, participating in a panel discussion, and conducting a survey.

Knowledge Sharing and Insights
Food Integrity Global 2023 offered a rich platform for knowledge exchange, presenting the latest trends, technologies, and challenges in food safety and integrity. By attending, we were able to showcase our work in text mining, annotation, and risk prevention, while also gaining fresh perspectives that are directly relevant to our ongoing efforts.

Networking and Collaboration
The event facilitated meaningful connections with industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals from the food and beverage sector. These interactions are vital for fostering collaborations that enhance the Stelar project's effectiveness. Building these relationships is essential for validating our methodologies, obtaining new insights, and exploring potential partnerships to support our solutions' deployment and refinement.

Showcasing Innovations
At Food Integrity Global 2023, we had the opportunity to present our innovative approaches within Stelar project, in text mining, annotation, and risk prevention. Demonstrating our advanced NLP techniques, data programming principles, and the Knowledge Lifecycle Management System (KLMS) to a diverse audience allowed us to gain feedback, attract interest, and establish the Stelar project as a leader in food safety innovation.

Feedback and Validation
Engaging with attendees and experts provided valuable feedback on our methodologies and solutions. This input is critical for refining our approaches to ensure they meet the industry’s needs and expectations. Early validation from food safety professionals helps us iteratively improve our services and tools.

Exploring Industry Needs and Trends
The conference enabled us to stay updated on current industry needs, trends, and regulatory changes. Understanding these factors is vital for keeping the Stelar project relevant and effectively addressing the evolving challenges in food safety and fraud prevention.

Enhancing Project Visibility
Participation in such a prestigious event significantly boosted the visibility of the Stelar project within the global food and beverage industry. This increased visibility can lead to more opportunities for collaboration, funding, and support from other organizations committed to improving food integrity.

By attending Food Integrity Global 2023, we contributed to the vibrant discussions shaping the future of the food and beverage industry. This strategic engagement is instrumental in driving the success and impact of our work in enhancing food safety and integrity.

Funding for this research has been provided by the European Union’s Horizon Europe innovation programme STELAR (Grant Agreement Number 101070122). Views and opinions expressed are, however, those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or European Commission-EU. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them