GMA SEF & FOODAKAI Strategic Partnership

FOODAKAI ( has been launched in the US in partnership with the Grocery Manufacturers Association Science and Education Foundation (GMA SEF) ( offering global food  insights that are live, accurate and easy to access. The collaboration combines  GMA SEF’s strategy to contribute to the provision of high quality and safe food with FOODAKAI’s solution offering insights into all hazard types in the food supply chain.    

FOODAKAI helps food companies with critical  planning and timely response to food safety threats. It helps businesses protect their brand and minimize costs from food recalls and border rejections by offering hazard analysis and risk estimation for ingredients, raw materials, products and suppliers based on live global food safety data.    

Brian Bedard, the Executive Director of the GMA Science and Education Foundation (SEF) commented on the new partnership, “At GMA SEF we are building on our research indicating that digitization is the next frontier in food production, distribution and risk mitigation. Data analytics can contribute directly to higher performance and innovation and in FOODAKAI we have found a trusted partner that can help the industry leverage the power of data and prevent costly food incidents.”   

Since the new rules of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) for Preventive Controls for Human Food and Foreign Supplier Verification were developed, all companies that manufacture, process, sell or import foods in United States need to identify all the known or reasonably foreseeable hazards for their products. FOODAKAI provides the insights that can help a food company meet these new FSMA requirements.

Dr Giannis Stoitsis, CEO of FOODAKAI also noted, “We always welcome industry partners that can help us evolve our solution to match the needs of the food industry and achieve wider outreach. GMA SEF is a very valuable partner and we’re looking forward to co-creating innovative features that will help food business continuously achieve higher standards of food safety performance”.

The partnership was established after the participation of FOODAKAI at GMA’s 2018 Science Forum and is going to continue with joint marketing efforts, the creation of data-empowered food safety reports and use of the tool in the hazard analysis  training.

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